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Against Malaria Fundation (AMF), the top charity in the world - as judged by GiveWell, a non-profit charity evaluator. Read more about your donation

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Tabs Against Malaria is a way to explore new ways of using technology for Buddhist-based compassion (mettā) practice. There is evidence to suggest that donating to charity can increase your happiness and can even improve your health.

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What Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) does

AMF protects people from malaria and are the #1 rated charity on Givewell. They buy malaria nets and ensure they are distributed and used. AMF is transparent about where the nets go. They monitor and report the nets’ use and impact. 100% of public donations buy long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs). An LLIN costs US $2.50.

See where your donation goes - watch net distribution videos

  • Half a million people die each year and 400 million fall ill
  • 70% of them are children under 5
  • #1 killer of pregnant women
  • Malaria is preventable
  • A net is the most effective means of prevention
  • US$2.50 per net
  • 100% of the money donated buys nets
How works

We use Coinhive to raise money by using your CPU power to solve mathematical puzzles. This money is donated directly to AMF (Against Malaria Foundation). The more users that use this website, the faster funds are raised.

For each $50 in donations, we will send it to AMF and post proof. This website is a proof-of-concept, is nonprofit, and free to use. Estimated cost breakdown:

  • 30% of raised funds go to Coinhive
  • 5% of raised funds go to server costs
  • 65% of raised funds go to AMF
Future roadmap
  1. Automate donations and provide instant verification
  2. Add user profiles and leaderboard
  3. Add groups

If you would like to donate to the development of this roadmap, we are looking to raise between 0.50 and 1 BTC. Please contact us for more information.

Please use TabsAgainstMalaria on your Desktop! Using it on your mobile device will drain your battery because it needs a lot of CPU power. Sorry about that :)